Spielfilme USA, Musicals

Jahr Titel, Regie, Hauptdarsteller Qualität

1929 Broadway Babies (O), 3/4

Mervyn LeRoy,

Alice White, Charles Delaney,

1929 Broadway Melody, The (O), 2

Harry Beaumont,

Anita Page, Charles King,

1929 Hollywood Revue of 1929 (O), 3-

Charles F. Riesner,

Jack Benny, Cliff Edwards,

1929 Show of Shows (O), 2-

John Adolfi, Jack Haskell,

Frank Fay, Sid Silvers,

1930 King of Jazz (O), 3+

John Murray Anderson,

Paul Whiteman Orchestra,

1930 Paramount on Parade (O), 3-


Jack Oakie, Maurice Chevalier,

1930 Showgirl in Hollywood (O), 3/4

Mervyn LeRoy,

Alice White, Jack Mulhall,

1930 Whoopee (O), 3-

Walter Lang, Busby Berkeley,

Eddie Cantor,

1931 Flying high (O), 2-

Charles Riesner, Busby Berkeley,

Bert Lahr, Charlotte Greenwood,

1931 Palmy days (O), 2+

Edward Sutherland, Busby Berkeley

Eddie Cantor, Charlotte Greenwood,

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